We are co-creators
of innovative solutions

The constant communication with the customer and the different departments involved in the project, allows us to create unique and innovative components in line with the project’s needs and objectives.
We adopt a working method characterized by three interdisciplinary phases: consulting, design and production.
We examine the project with the customer


A specialized and fully dedicated team evaluates all aspects of the new project and analyzes the demand of the product and its application.

These analyses allow us to find the most suitable solutions in order to optimize the investment and respond to specific individual needs.

We customize the product development


Through a direct communication with the technical experts of the client company, we can propose highly valuable solutions while meeting the most advanced technical requirements for accuracy and tolerances.

Research and development

The company’s know-how, the technologies available and the constant support of the Research and Development team contribute to innovate existing products and production processes.

Finally, the three-dimensional drawings performed with current and convertible design programs optimize product yield and expenses and identify weaknesses and changes to make before sampling, validation and production phases.

We handle the entire manufacturing process


Managing 95% of production processes internally, the company stands out for its deep technical knowledge of all processing phases and for its high flexibility and production reliability.

The components developed allow the customer to place on the market an innovative product that differs from the competition.

The machinery available and the production management in Kanban ensure compliance with the project timing, quality and production volumes.


In order to ensure the highest quality, all products undergo strict inspections at every stage of the production process (from the choice of raw material to the processing and delivery phases).

The company obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and complies with all the parameters provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA Certification) and the new European MDR.

Galvanic Treatments and

In compliance with the technical requirements, in our plants we carry out the following treatments:

  • Galvanic surface treatments: chrome-plating, nickel-plating, zinc-plating, tin-plating, brass-plating, electropolishing, passivation.

  • Plastic coating of metals (standard and FDA approved): Epoxy powders, polyester (PE), Rilsan (PA11), Talisman (PA), Plascoat (PPA 571), Halar (ECTFE, FDA approved), TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (PUR/TPU 5811 and 2329), Tefzel (ETFE), Tefon (PTFE, FDA-approved), Ruby Red (PFA).

Logistics and

To best ensure compliance with volumes and delivery times, the management method at Kanban allows us to track inventories and adjust the production flow according to demand.

We also ship globally and offer the option to choose between standard or customized packaging.

Do you need further information?

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