Functions and features

All product types meet the legal requirements and technical standards required by the customer and by the different reference sectors. Specifically, the types designed by Plastifil are grouped the following categories:


Solid and functional steel wire items, designed to optimize handling and treatments such as washing and sterilization.

Custom-designed, they are can contain the maximum number of objects with different shapes and weights. Their technical features allow reducing waste and optimizing investments.


Steel wire trays for the reconditioning of surgical equipment, able to meet the highest standards required by the medical sector. Plastifil always guarantees the use of quality and wear-resistant materials.

Modular systems

Stackable baskets, lids with mechanical closures, silicone and PPSU holders designed for the treatment of products of any shape and size. All modular systems are FDA approved.

Support frames

Custom-made steel wire structures with specific positioning layout. Thanks to their features, they adapt easily to many uses in the medical, technical, food and design fields.

Grids and inserts

Steel wire grids, inserts, and protectors designed to optimize the functionality of professional ovens, fans, and coffee machines.


Mixed wire, pipe and sheet structures for complex applications integrated with professional washing machines. They guarantee high performance and reduce waste during washing operations.

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