For four generations

Specialists in the processing of steel wire

Our Mission
and Values

Plastifil strongly believes in technology and research to provide always intelligent, practical and effective solutions. Our team is committed to provide always a reliable service and the highest quality products for the benefit of all our customers.

Research & Development

Technological innovation

5% of annual turnover is invested to support research projects and the purchase of new machinery and technologies.
Customer focus

Continuous exchange of ideas

95% of the products are tailor-made to provide a product that can meet every need and objective.
Commitment to the territory

Training company

Every year, Plastifil trains about ten apprentices, especially in the technical professions and offers internships to students of Swiss polytechnics.
Importance of human resource

Corporate welfare initiatives

The company has always believed in the centrality of a relationship of mutual respect between employees and management. After 90 years and 4 generations, it translates into an average length of service of our staff over 15 years.
Reliability and transparency

Long-term relationships

As a family business, Plastifil aims to establish long-term collaborations with customers and suppliers built on trust, transparency and mutual respect.
Environmental sustainability


For 30 years, Plastifil has excluded for coating processes the use of organic solvents harmful to the people and the environment.

The treatment of wastewater coming from galvanic processes takes place in its own purification plant under the constant control of the cantonal office of air and water. It is recycled purified in a closed circuit for the cooling of the machinery. The company has also committed to a voluntary national program for the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Local company
global vision

In addition to the Swiss market, the company has established commercial relations with the international market, exporting steel wire products to Europe, North America, China, Japan, Thailand and Australia. The goal of the next future is to continue to expand the user base with the acquisition of new customers and markets.


Our certifications

ISO 9001

IQ Net Certified

Training Company Ticino

FDA Approved

Energy Efficiency

A family business for 90 years

Our story began in 1934, with five workers employed in the production of iron wire items for the home, newsstands and shops. After years, Plastifil is now a leading family company in Europe in the development and manufacture of steel wire products in different sectors (medical, technical, food, design).

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