We shape
the steel wire

The machinery and the available technologies allow the development of very different processes and surface treatments, in order to create steel wire products that meet any need.

and cutting
Plastifil purchases the best steel directly in coils and internally transforms it into bars of different lengths and diameters for subsequent processing.
Plastifil can produce wires from Ø1.5 mm to Ø10 mm of different shapes thanks to its wire bending machines. It has several three-dimensional bending machines that can use robotic arms for bending and welding on the edges of the machinery.
Manual and automated welding
Plastifil machinery consists of multiple manual, semi-automatic and automated robotic welding machines both TIG/MIG (with the new CMT technology) and projection.
Laser Cutting
Plastifil SA is also equipped with a laser for cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets of various sizes and thicknesses.
Equipped with several milling and numerically controlled turning centers, Plastifil can internally create the mechanical processing details to be combined with its products.
Grinding, sandblasting and tumbling
In order to guarantee the high quality of its products, Plastifil SA has several equipment for grinding, sandblasting and tumbling its products. It is also equipped with a conveyor belt grinder capable of rounding internal and external sharp edges and creating scotch-brite finishes on steel and stainless steel.
Laser engraving
Plastifil SA can make laser markings and engravings both on semi-automatic machines and on robotic machines of any materials.
Plastifil SA also has a hot pressing department for aluminum, brass and copper with fully automated loading and unloading systems.

Surface treatment

Galvanic treatments

Chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, tin plating, brass plating, electropolishing, passivation.

Resistance to high temperatures, oxidation and corrosion

Increased flexibility and durability

Improvement of visual design

Low processing wastes

Plastic coating of metals (Standard and FDA Approved)

Epoxy powders, polyester (PE), Rilsan (PA11), Talisman (PA), Plascoat (PPA 571), Halar (ECTFE, FDA approved), TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (PUR/TPU 5811 and 2329), Tefzel (ETFE), Tefon (PTFE, FDA-approved), Ruby Red (PFA).

Fast production times

Customisable finishing and colouring

Higher resistance to weather conditions

Environmentally friendly painting

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