Plastifil create tailor-made solutions for the medical sector such as baskets, complete systems and trays for washing, sterilization and storage of surgical equipment and medical prostheses. The range also includes the design of furnishing accessories and equipment for clinics and hospitals
All products manufactured for the medical sector are characterized by:

High wear resistance

Ideal to endure over time

Ultraclean Product

Excellent washing results

Product quality

Minimum tolerances > 0.3 mm

Specifically designed layout

Fully custom-designed


We produce different types of products according to needs and goals:


Sterilization baskets made of wire meshes or with sheet metal edges perforated in accordance with DIN. Available in all sizes, they can be supplemented with standard or custom lids and positioning systems, both in silicone and in PPSU.


Trays and inserts for prostheses designed in stainless steel wire. The layout allows to optimize the spaces and the sequential positioning of components or range products of different shapes and sizes


Mixed structures in wire and mesh, mixed wire-perforated sheet or only perforated sheet to improve the reconditioning processes of surgical equipment.

Precision washing

Stainless steel structures with sprinklers for washing systems developed with OEM partners. They guarantee excellent washing and disinfection performance.


Stainless steel baskets with placement layout of instruments and prostheses designed specifically for sterilization, storage and logistics.

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