Steel baskets and inserts are produced for washing, degreasing, storage and automation of different production components. In addition, we carry out services of hot pressing of aluminum, copper and brass products.

The solutions are implemented in several sectors, including Watchmaking, Micromechanics, Automotive and Optics.


All products manufactured for the technical sector are characterized by:


High wear

Ideal to endure over time


Excellent washing results

Product quality

Minimum tolerances > 0.3 mm

Specifically designed layout

Fully custom-designed


For each sector in which Plastifil operates, its products meet multiple needs:



Washing and degreasing

Carry baskets, supports and inserts for static washing in multi-pocket or sprinkler systems of components of various shapes. All solutions can be created with model structures and dedicated inserts for many different industrial areas.


Customized washing baskets and supports, partially or fully coated to allocate mechanical and hydraulic components with complex shapes. They can contain the maximum amount of objects of different shapes and weights and protect them during movements.


Electro-polished and plastic-coated washing baskets and inserts, with fixed or variable geometry housings to wash all components of quality watches during and after the operations. They are designed to contain and position the maximum number of parts in their specific shapes and to protect components during machining processes.


Containers and baskets for degreasing and washing large series of mechanically machined components.

Automation and logistics

High precision baskets and inserts designed to accommodate mechanical components – from raw to finished parts – in compliance with the operational tolerances of automation, process and logistics management.


Baskets and supports made of stainless steel wire designed to guarantee the minimum contact surfaces to lenses and prisms for different production sectors and fields of application.

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