Industrial baskets and trays.

Baskets and trays for washing, degreasing, storing, and automation of production components. Hot-stamping of copper, brass, and aluminium products.

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Stainless steel baskets and inserts created to hold and position the maximum number of pieces as per their specific shapes, whether they are electropolished or plastic coated, in order to protect these important materials during the client’s cleaning processes.


Baskets in micropore wire and mesh created to hold micromechanical components and stand up to the stress of handling, maintaining a high level of quality in terms of washing and degreasing.


Baskets and lids in electropolished stainless steel in various diameters, created to hold the maximum number of components in various shapes and weights, positioned with precision to optimize processes and handling.


Baskets in stainless steel wire very small in diameter in order to hold fragile components in the most delicate way during various processes. This thanks to technical locking and positioning solutions that rely on springs.