Baskets for reconditioning and washing.

Baskets, trays, and complete systems for the washing, sterilisation and storage of surgical instruments and medical prostheses. Furnishings and equipment for clinics and hospitals.

Baskets for surgical instruments

Baskets and trays in stainless steel for washing and sterilisation with custom-made layouts and modular systems to optimize how instruments are positioned inside the various locking systems in silicone and FDA-approved PPSU. In addition to the baskets that are all in wire or wire mesh, which we recommend for optimum washing processes, we also make baskets that are a mix of wire and perforated sheet metal or only perforated sheet metal. All baskets can be finished off with screen printing.

Endoscope trays

Open structures in steel wire to optimize the reconditioning process. Minimal points of contact and absolute protection for the instrument, also via the use of elastic and silicone approved by the FDA.

Washing systems

Structures complete with water dispensing devices for washing systems, created along with our OEM partners.

Baskets for prostheses

Washing baskets used during the production of prostheses and surgical instruments in various shapes and sizes, created to optimize space and positioning inside the basket.

Trolleys, IV Stands, and other Hospital Equipment

Items in wire or tubing for hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories in standard or custom sizes. Furnishings: tables, chairs, magazine racks, etc. (see also the: Design)